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From: Nelson Chow
Friday -- 9:40 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Are you planning to start your own home business to sell products online or on eBay? If you are, I'm sure you are looking for wholesale suppliers, wholesale distributors, or drop shippers aren't you? Do you know how to find wholesale suppliers, or where to find wholesale suppliers for the products you plan to sell? If you have the time and know how to source for the wholesalers, then great! What if you want to skip the dirty work and to save the time to plan for the business instead? Your solution is wholesale directory & wholesale list. Do you know the differences?

Wholesale Directory versus Wholesale List:

  • If you have no idea what specific products to sell, then wholesale directory is probably suitable for you as a research tool where you can visit many different wholesalers' website to check on their products and wholesale prices. You may then decide what products are more suitable for you to sell base on your capital, their wholesale price, profit margin etc. I've written full review for two of the most popular wholesale directories: Worldwide Brands (Full Review), and Salehoo (Full Review).
  • If you already have a specific range of products where you like to sell, then you should look for the wholesale list. For example, if you plan to sell designer handbags, then you should look for designer handbag wholesale list; If you plan to sell plasma TV, then look for plasma TV wholesale list.

You have heard of eBay wholesale list scam, or even Salehoo scam? Well... it really depends if you are buying the wholesale list from a reputable seller, if you know what you are buying and what you are expecting from the wholesale directories.

At Daboomc.com, our expertise is to source wholesale suppliers for our clients, not on many different kinds of products, just mainly concentrate on few popular products such as Nike & Jordan shoes, designer handbags, plasma TV etc.

We now have more than 5,500 clients in 53 countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Netherland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea etc. Here are PayPal screen shots for a small list of my clients in 53 countries.

Below are Wholesale Lists that we offer to our clients:

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