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Need to Place a Wholesale Order But Do Not Wish to Lose ALL Your Hard Earned Money to Scammers!?

From: Nelson Chow
Tuesday -- 11:25 a.m.

Dear Friend,

You've probably spent a lot of your time searching for reliable wholesale suppliers without good success. Some of you had even fall into online scams where you lose hundreds or thousands of your hard earned money to online scammers in the process of buying wholesale items. After the money is being sent, you either never hear from the scammer again, or the merchandise that you've received are NOT what you've been promised earlier before you make the payment. I completely understand how it feels of being frauded, as I had fall into online scam twice in the past myself.

If you are going to place your FIRST wholesale order very soon, hang on.... as few minutes of your time reading this page could save you from losing hundreds or thousands of your hard earned money! If you don't have few minutes to spend with me but have few hundreds or thousands to lose... then go ahead, no one could stop you!

If you've placed wholesale order before and had lost your money to scammers, then continue to read on as I am sure no one will want to repeat the same mistake again losing all your money! If you are the lucky one that had never encounter a scammer before, so you think you know it all? Let's find out...

There is a lot of knowledge to learn on how to find reliable wholesale suppliers and to place your wholesale orders safely. You don't blindly send money to a stranger without doing your homework.


Back in early year 2002, I started an online business selling sneakers... I was very excited when I found a wholesale supplier that offered what I am looking for at reasonably low prices. I placed a wholesale order for 12 pairs of 100% authentic Nike Air Force One, White/White from a wholesale distributor located in New York. It was a disaster and the worst mistake I've ever made. I only started to realize 3 weeks later that I was being scammed when I have not receive my order! I was stupid at that time for not doing my homework before placing the order.

I've learned my lesson and get smarter each time. From experience, I know exactly what to do before placing a wholesale order from a new wholesaler. I know what to look for, what to ask and how to accurately determine if the wholesaler is genuine seller or scammer. I've grew my shoes business successfully. In average, I sold 20 to 30 pairs of shoes in just one day, and made more than $7,285 Net PROFIT in a week! Here is the proofs.

Please click on the links below to view the PayPal screen shots for shoes that I've sold in just one day (check the date):

Screen shot #1 - One pair of shoes for $100
Screen shot #2 - One pair of shoes for $120
Screen shot #3 - One pair of shoes for $115
Screen shot #4 - Two pairs of shoes for $230
Screen shot #5 - One pair of shoes for $115
Screen shot #6 - One pair of shoes for $115
Screen shot #7 - Two pairs of shoes for $230
Screen shot #8 - One pair of shoes for $100
Screen shot #9 - One pair of shoes for $100
Screen shot #10 - One pair of shoes for $95
Screen shot #11 - Two pairs of shoes for $220

That's a total of $1540 sales in one day for payment that I've received through PayPal.

I've also received many offline payments like money order and Western Union Money Transfer as shown on the left.

Please click on picture to enlarge.

Buying wholesale and to resell them at your online store or eBay store could be very profitable, but... you MUST know how to place your wholesale order safely and NOT losing your money to scammers.

Stop Getting Ripped Off By Scam Artist --
And Save Thousands Of Your Hard Earned Money!

According to the Internet Fraud Statistics for year 2005, the total loss was $13,863,003 (that's 13.8 Million!) with 12,315 reported complaints. The average loss for "goods never delivered or misrepresented" was $2,528. Many of the fraud cases are unnecessary if consumers are aware of some basic knowledge of scams and how the internet crooks conduct their scam activities.

Who hasn't heard (or told) countless internet scam stories? Are you going to remain a victim or be the next victim? Or will you seize control of your own money by not sending them to scam artists? You'll never again be vulnerable when you know...

The five questions you should ask the suppliers BEFORE you decide to deal with them.
Three things you should never reveal to the supplier... unless you want to be ripped off!
The seven most common scam techniques used by scam artists.
The few types of scammers.
The precautions you should take and things to be considered when you plan to deal with a new supplier.
Things that you should do before placing your first wholesale order from any supplier.
How to ensure products to arrive to your doorstep even if you are dealing with an oversea supplier that only accept unsecured payment methods such as Bank T/T, Western Union money transfer, money order, cashier check, cash etc.
A list of individuals/companies/websites that are PROVEN to be "scammers" by my clients so you would avoid dealing with them.

Above are what you will learn from me on the eBook, and there's so much more. The number of Internet Fraud cases being reported are increasing. Something must be done to solve this problem, and consumers should be well taught on how to avoid being scammed! This is why I'm offering you all the guidance and knowledge that I have about online scam on a completely risk-free basis.

We've all been burned before... and every time it happens, it becomes harder for us to trust anyone. This is why I am offering you a 60-day, no-hassles, 100% money back guarantee on this eBook - Wholesale Buying Guide.

"Nelson has always been great answering my concerns quickly and completely. I couldn't ask for better service. Usually, you buy a product and the seller has no need for you anymore once you pay, but Nelson is not like that at all. He is very helpful and responsive.

I've found that the information from daboomc has been very helpful and informative in establishing ties to valuable suppliers, especially since the internet is so clogged nowadays with fakes and unreliable people.

The product clearly speaks for itself. The descriptions and the connections it brings is really worth it because you can tell there has been a lot of effort put into it and thus a lot of value that comes out."

Don Wei
Sacramento, California

Here are what you'll learn:

You will learn what you should do before placing your first wholesale order from any wholesale suppliers.
You will discover the techniques on how to prevent yourself from falling onto any online scam when placing a wholesale order.
On the "Scam Alert" section, you will find a list of individuals, companies or websites that are PROVEN to be "scammers" by my clients. They begged me to share this information with you as they do not want you to repeat the same mistake that they've made - that is to trust these suppliers. By knowing this in advance, you could avoid dealing with them to save yourself from losing potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars!
You will learn the actions that you could take to against the scammers. Do not just sit and do nothing, by simply accepting the fact that you were being scammed!
You will discover the actions that I've taken to claim my money back from the two scammers that have defrauded me in the past! It has an 82% success rate* of getting all or partial of your money back from the scammers! -- *Statistics based on cases of my own clients*

With this information, believe me, you'll learn everything about internet scam in the wholesale marketplace. With all the knowledge you are about to discover from my insider information of wholesale buying, you will be able to identify scam artist if you ever encounter one.

I assured you that it would cost you less for this Wholesale Buying Guide than what you can lose for goods that you would never received after you've submitted payment to scam artist.

* Special Limited-Time Offer *

I'm extremely excited to announce that I've just launched the completely new look of my website. If you've been to my website before, I hope you like this better. Here’s best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of our special offer.

As part of this special launch celebration, I'm going to offer the first 100 85 45 people the "Wholesale Buying Guide" eBook for a bargain price of just $37 $27

Wait a second... I know there are many scammers out there and I really do not want to see you losing all your hard earned money just because you did not learn all the techniques that I've taught in this eBook. Here is the deal... I am going to offer you a FAST ACT discount ONLY IF you order TODAY, .

$27 - Fast Act Discount ($17) = ONLY $10!

Attention: If you can't come out 10 bucks to educate yourself and to learn the techniques for safe wholesale buying, I won't pity you when you get scammed!

To "sweeten the deal" even MORE, I'm also going to throw in... a Super Bonus -- absolutely free!

Super Bonus

"Lifetime Update"

Wouldn't you want to receive updated "Wholesale Buying Guide" few months or even few years later after your initial purchase? It is now possible with the FREE Lifetime Update!

Here are the benefits:
  • You will continue to receive warning from us on the "Scam Alert" section, so you would avoid dealing with the known scam artists.
  • You will be well informed on any new techniques being used by scam artists for their scam activities.
The instructions to access the updated information/eBook will be emailed to you once it becomes available! It's convenient and it's FREE!

200% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee

Because I'm so confident that this "Wholesale Buying Guide" can help you to make a safe wholesale purchase, I'm willing to take all the risk when you order.

So my guarantee on this is very simple...

"If you've followed all the guidelines stated on this eBook, but it does not help you in making a safe wholesale purchase as you do not receive your order from the wholesale supplier, and not able to claim your money back... simply contact me for a 200% complete refund! It doesn't matter if it's 3 months or 5 years later."

** You don't have to order from any wholesale suppliers to entitle for Risk-Free purchase of this eBook. Your purchase of this "Wholesale Buying Guide" comes with 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Wholesale Buying Guide eBook with Nike Wholesale List Remember, in order to qualify for the price of only $10 after the Fast Act Discount, you MUST order TODAY, .

Please don't repeat the same old mistakes that I've made. I've learned it the hard way but you don't need to!

If you are ready to learn, please click on the following order button:

Please click on the order button above to order safely through PayPal's secure server. PayPal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.

It doesn't matter if it's 3:00am, and you will still receive instant access! After you've completed the payment, you will be brought to a download page to gain INSTANT access to the "Wholesale Buying Guide" eBook.

... Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

If you aren't completely satisfied with the "Wholesale Buying Guide" eBook at any time within 60 days, I'll refund your money back 100%.


Nelson Chow

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Buy with Confidence!

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P.S. Remember, to qualify for the Fast Act Discount, you MUST order TODAY, .

P.P.S. If you don't claim a copy of this "Wholesale Buying Guide" eBook, do you already know a lot about online scam and have confidence in placing a wholesale order? OR -- will you continue doing what you've done in the past, by taking risk in sending money to stranger, hoping to receive your order!? This is a very high risk that you take, my friend... it's your money! Isn't your intension to purchase wholesale is to make money by selling them? NOT to lose money to scammers!

If you really think about it, this eBook won't really cost you anything. Trust me, you do not want to send hundreds or thousands of dollars to stranger without knowing exactly what you are doing. This eBook tells you everything that you should know for a safe wholesale purchase. Imagine what you may lose, risk, or waste if you do not read this eBook before placing a wholesale order.

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