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"Just when I was about to give up after sleepless nights from endless hours of searching the web for wholesalers, I found Daboomc! I've bought lots of so called wholesale lists off eBay but always came up dry and forever looking for that one *REAL* wholesaler. I purchased with Daboomc and found everything I wanted!!! The best part about this company is once you become a customer and make a purchase, you're like part of their family. They don't just take your money, send you a list and that is it. Daboomc is most respected for their customer service and on going support to help you with your search for buying goods. Once you join, you belong. You get great updates and fantastic additions to the listings. I've personally spent nearly $1,000 on lists on eBay. I never came up with anything. It's a waste of time. Daboomc is the best find ever! I haven't searched for any lists or any other wholesalers since I purchased the wholesale sources through Daboomc. Thank you!"

T. Callahan for Sensational Stuff, Inc,
Medford, Oregon
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3)
"First of all I would like to say the contact lists are VERY VALUABLE to anybody who wants to make serious money and are willing to put the effort into doing so with everything Nelson offers on his website ( I bought all contact lists so that I could be in reach to any hot selling item on eBay at any time. I have made contact with MANY wholesalers about their products and choose to deal with several of them that give GREAT deals. Some of the suppliers offered me prices that are lower than what's stated... of course you may have to negotiate with the suppliers but a lot of them are about business so they are not hard to work with!

I have ordered samples of Von Dutch hats, bulk order of 50 hats and received them 3 days later! I have also ordered Gucci bags & Tommy belts and WOW.. I paid on Tuesday, didn't expect to see a package till Friday but it was there Wednesday! I have also ordered samples of the authentic Air Jordans. To anyone who wants to make SERIOUS MONEY on eBay, I SUGGEST YOU BUY ALL THE CONTACT LISTS NELSON has to offer... as I did and your sources will be your most valuable key to success on eBay! If I had to pay $100 per contact list, it is definitely worth it if you use ALL sources to maximize your profit! These contact lists are the best! I will show proof of how Nelson changed my life with his lists as soon as I can get the works together!"

Joseph Wilson
(Purchased 4 contact lists with Western Union and 9 contact lists with PayPal - See Proof1, Proof2, Proof3, Proof4, Proof5)
"I would just like to say that Nelson has always had a great reputation in the products he sells and most of all what I like is the support. I am a power seller thanks to the great team work Nelson has given me and I will continue to use his products. I will say that any concerns I have had about legit suppliers of his wholesale list has been answered and if your looking for a great source of wholesale lists with continued support then this is the place to get it! I have two of his list and love them all and still use them to this day. He gives you the inside scoop on which suppliers have great reputations what more can a seller ask for? Thanks again Nelson keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!"

Derek Bingham
Union, New Jersey
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2)


"Hi Nelson, I have used your wholesale list and purchased from ******, the Seven for All Mankind jeans were authentic and brand new. I sold all of them with a tidy profit within a few weeks. I have also purchased the wholesale list for designer handbags and have purchased from **********. Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!"

Kay Neff,
Salt Lake City, Utah
Owner of
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3)
"Nelson has always been great answering my concerns quickly and completely. I couldn't ask for better service. Usually, you buy a product and the seller has no need for you anymore once you pay, but Nelson is not like that at all. He is very helpful and responsive.

I've found that the information from daboomc has been very helpful and informative in establishing ties to valuable suppliers, especially since the internet is so clogged nowadays with fakes and unreliable people.

The product clearly speaks for itself. The descriptions and the connections it brings is really worth it because you can tell there has been a lot of effort put into it and thus a lot of value that comes out."

Don Wei
Sacramento, California
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proo2, Proof3, Proof4)



"Good Morning Nelson,

You're Suppliers list is great. I've already contact some of the suppliers, and they have a great deal of things for me to purchase with low minimums, and resale online, or just locally. My cousin, and I staying one step ahead of all the resellers our age in our neighbourhood because of your contacts."

Thanks Again!

Orie "DJ O" McIntosh,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Owner of || ..:: 4 Your Ent. ::.. ||
eBay store:
(Proof of purchase - Proof1)
"I have purchased over 5 lists from Nelson and they all have helped me expand and strengthen the product line of my business. His over all customer support and service has been the most excellent I have seen through any contact lists on the internet. He quite simply has the best & most secure contact list on the net!"

Jarell Dawkins
Central, South Carolina
Owner of
(Purchased with money order)

"I just had to take the time to say that I have been looking for good wholesalers for eight years and have never received anything even close to the quality of your leads. I know many people think that selling a wholesale list is unethical, because you can look it up yourself for free, well I have been looking, and looking, and looking. I have never found exactly what I needed until you. I would have gladly paid $200.00 for the list and would really like to commend you on a job well done. I made more money than I paid on my list the first day. I was able to start my suit Corp. in less than a week with your help."

Thank you,
President of I HAVE SKILLS INC.
Holly Hill, Florida
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2)
"I recommend the contact lists offered on to anyone looking to make some money. I have bought all of them and they are legit. The information on the lists is accurate and the customer service is great. I am in Iraq and could not download the contact lists so Nelson mailed me hardcopies overseas. Anyone that is interested in working for yourself should take a look at these contact lists."

~September 11 2001~ Never Forget

PFC Stephen Jackson
A Co 2nd Forward Support Battalion
Camp Hybinayah, Iraq
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3, Proof4, Proof5, Proof6, Proof7, Proof8)
"Thanks alot for everything Nelson. Your contact lists are great, the products are great and the customer service also on your part and the contacts is great... thanks for the free lifetime updates and for checking up on me consistently and making sure I was satisfied and that I received your updates. I ordered the legit suppliers lists and the china nikes lists and about a week from receiving them I placed an order with ***** for 5 pair of jordans. I ordered on a Monday and I received them that Saturday via UPS of Fed Ex I forget which one, but the service was prompt the shoes were great I kept two pair for myself and was still able to make my money back off the other three pair and to this day I'm still getting order request for new jordans like I'm footlocker or finish line... but anyway thanks for all your help and support and I'll be waiting for many more updates in the future....."

Sincerly yours,
Brandon Claborn of Boardwalk Kicks
Cincinnati, Ohio
(Purchased with money order)




"I have spent countless amount of hours and money shopping for wholesale lists and the lists provided by Daboomc are incredible. I have purchased some shoes from the china nike factory list and made quite a profit. The shoes are really good quality and my customers really loved them. The lifetime updates and the customer service really makes the membership worth it. If you really interested in starting your business, Daboomc is definitely the way to go."

Raymond Tibbs
Far Rockaway, New York
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3, Proof4)
"I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that your contact lists have been great. I've done business with ******** since buying the eBay Wholesalers Contact List a couple of months ago and I have to say that they are great. I also just received my first shipment of Jordans from one of the contacts from the Legit Suppliers Contact List a couple of days ago and can't wait to start making money. I'm planning on ordering wholesale Von Dutch today from the amazing list you just put out. Someone would have to search for months and months if not years just to get some of these contacts and probably still wouldn't find them all. Your lists are amazing and very reasonably priced for the information they come with."

Thanks again,
Travis Scott, TCE Enterprises
Mckinney, Texas
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3, Proof4, Proof5)
"I highly recommend the lists from Daboomc as a valuable source of information. I searched high and low for this kind of information without success so to have this in front of me now is a godsend. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Karl. & David Allen
Flintshire, UK
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2, Proof3, Proof4)
"Hello, I just wanted to tell you guys I have been using your list. I have worked with ***** in Shanghai. He has shipped me a great sample for shoes and is doing great business. Thanks"

Chris Thorne
Huntsville, Alabama
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2)

"Hi, my name is Tremayne Fearon. I ordered the Legit Suppliers Contact List about a month ago and it's incredible! I received my shipment in no time! I'm making so much money that I'm planning on opening my own internet business soon. At the moment, I'm only selling on eBay and I'm extremely pleased about the amount of money I'm making! Thank you so much Daboomc. All those contact lists are worth every cent!"

Tremayne Fearon
London, United Kingdom
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2)

"The package (bulk order of 10 pairs of shoes) got to me yesterday. Thanks, you guys have been a real help"

Vaughn Parker
New York City, New York
(Proof of purchase - Proof)

"Hello Daboomc, I just purchased your suppliers listing and I would like to say thank you. It was perfect. I will start with their products and expand my product line later. So, I will definitely be purchasing your other packages. I recently just bought a "wholesale list" and he sold me a listing for $5.99. Once the PayPal went through he sent me the package and it was just a bunch of links to eBay sites for auctions and high "Buy It Now" prices. Nothing about that was wholesale. See people scam you even if they are going through PayPal. Again, you refreshing and necessary because there are a lot of scams out there. Thank again, I hope to make a lot of money because of your help."

Camile & Mario Douglas
Flint, Michigan
(Proof of purchase - Proof)

The following client was being scammed by a scam artist and we've helped him to find legit suppliers:

"Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it..... I really appreciate what you have done for me. thanks again."

Roberto Davila
Millbrae, California
(Proof of purchase - Proof1, Proof2)

"****** is legit, I took a chance and made a wholesale order with them and I have already received my shoes. They are legit and I also talked to the owner through instant messaging. He shipped the shoes on Thursday and I received them on Monday morning. Thank you"

Amar Samra
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"First off I like to thank you for the china factories list, second off I wish there were more people like you in the world. thank you very very much."

Johnny Prude

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