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 Salehoo Wholesale Directory Review

You've probably heard the word "Salehoo" elsewhere as Salehoo is currently one of the top Wholesale Directories for manufacturers, wholesalers and dropshippers. SaleHoo has suppliers for over 75 different categories of products.

After you've logon to your account, you can easily find the wholesale suppliers from categories: Dropshippers, Liquidators, Wholesalers and Manufacturers. You will then be able to do a search with keyword. There are MANY wholesalers to choose from and you will find comments posted by their members about their experiences with the wholesalers. This is great so you know more about the wholesalers and their customer service.

Profit Margin:

It depends on the products that you plan to sell. For some products especially the accessories, you will find wholesalers that offer very low prices so you can have a high profit margin. However, for some products, the profit margin is low or not profitable at all to sell on eBay due to the large competition. You just got to spend more time to browse through their database to find the right products to sell with high profit margin.

Quality of Products/Suppliers:

Salehoo provides a huge database of suppliers. They do spend a lot of time testing the suppliers as well as allowing users to provide feedback on their buying experience. Salehoo also purchase the products personally from some of the suppliers to make sure they are legitimate.


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Wholesale Directories

Membership to Salehoo gets you to hundreds of wholesalers for over 75 different categories of products. Full Review
Worldwide Brands
The ONLY publisher of Wholesale Supplier Information that is CERTIFIED by eBay . There are Light Bulk, Large Volume, Liquidation, Drop Ship Wholesalers etc. Full Review
Sign up for their 7-Day Free Trial and gain instant access to over 250,000 products at wholesale prices. Drop ship directly to your customers.

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