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eBay Misspelled Search Tools

Every day, thousands of items are listed on eBay sites containing spelling mistakes, generally a misspelling in the title. When this happens the auction item will not show up in the regular eBay search results.

The New York Times reported that there are many items listed on the auction site that sell for much less than they are really worth because the sellers don't check their listing's spelling before they post. Thus, bidders don't show up for the auctions, and savvy shoppers (and/or bad spellers) get away with a steal. eBay's official response is, "Get a dictionary," since the company has no plans to add a spell-checker to every part of the posting process.

There are eBay Misspelled search engines / search tools that query eBay for the misspelled items, based on the correct spelling you type. You can then purchase these items at discounted prices. Many users took this advantage, bought the misspelled items at great bargain, and resold them with the right spelling and for the right price to make a profit.

Below you will find a list of Misspelled Seach Engine / Search Tool:

Misspell Search

Personally, I think this is the best site for eBay Misspelled Search. They are also the first eBay Misspelling search engine. They are also the first to offer a misspelling toolbar. Many other sites have copied them. You will be able to find misspelled items from most eBay websites: eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Canada, eBay Australia etc. You may also download their free misspell search toolbar.

Bargain Checker

Use their free eBay misspelled search tool to find those bargains that still exist on eBay! Thousands of items listed on eBay go unsold or at a bargain price, due to mistyped or misspelled listings! Their eBay misspelt search tool will find the mistyped and misspelled variations of the bargain you're looking for.


SpellingSearch is a powerful free search tool for finding auction misspellings, title variations, and incorrectly listed items on eBay.


Another free misspeller search tool


Download their free eBay Misspelling Toolbar

Fat Fingers

eBay sellers' typos save you money!


The UK's Most Advanced Misspell Search Engine. You may perform regular Misspell search or eBay Stores Misspell Search at eBay UK, eBay US, eBay Germany, eBay Italy, eBay France etc.


Free typo Search tool which allows you to search the website of your choice for items that are not spelled correctly. The misspelling search engine if fine tuned to locate hundreds of items that normal search engines over look. This allows you to purchase the items from eBay, Froogle, Yahoo and Google at discount prices.


UK Misspelled search tool allows you to find mispelling items on eBay for cheap price.



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